Prairie Sauna

Rediscovery of Sauna.

The significant health benefits of sauna with regular use are appealing.

Wood burning saunas have the capacity to create significant heat temperatures of 80-100 degrees Celsius. When you choose to enter the sauna is vital to its enjoyment. Once the heat is stabilized in the building & is up to temperature; the quiet, blanket of intense, heat surrounds you like a warm embrace. Learning your bodies natural rhythm and how it responds determines the duration you should be in the heat, length of cool down, and if you are acquiring adequate hydration & electrolytes. Using a sauna journal can teach you how to achieve this, when reflected back on. How long individuals stay in traditional sauna vary from 15-20 min intervals (dependent on temperature) with 5-10 min cool downs.

The ultimate state of relaxation aids in reducing stress levels. Enhanced circulation, increased flexibility & an increased metabolic state contributes to improved health.

The summon to find those ideal variables is yours. Grounded conversation with quality company create an experience second to none.

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