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Prairie Sauna:Saskatchewan Style

Sauna is being rediscovered. As it should.

The health benefits are worth it.

Wood burning saunas have the capacity to reach 90-120 degrees Celsius. Once the heat is stabilized in the building; the quiet, blanket of intense heat surrounds you. Discovering your bodies' natural rhythm and how it responds is the first step. Determine how long you can with-stand the heat, how long you need to cool down, and if you have gotten enough hydration & electrolytes. Try a journal to record what you learn. How long you stay in traditional sauna varies from 15-20 min intervals (dependent on temperature) with 5-10 min cool downs.

The ultimate state of relaxation aids in reducing stress levels. Enhanced circulation, increased flexibility & metabolic state improves overall health.

The summon to find those ideal variables is yours. Grounded conversation with quality company create an experience second to none.


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