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Connotation of the “tumbleweed.”

There was a time before the smart phone era, when farming folks used CB (citizens band radio) for mobile communications in their machinery. Our family used them to direct water trucks, stage on the fly, harvester offloads & to call on the "Cookie Roller" for a well deserved coffee break. Code names were used to create a sense of lightheartedness amidst the daily grind of agricultural activity. The Allan Family homesteaded in the Cantuar region in 1906. My grandfather, Glenn Allan took over the family farm at a young age. The scarcity of the Family Farm is still being honoured into the 21st Century with the care of my Father & Youngest Brother.

My grandfather was “Tumbleweed.” His refinement & innovative ideas inspired us to keep going, solve problems, be willing to view notions through an alternative lens & to seek out the possibility in a new day.


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